ComiqueCon 2016 Panels

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Breaking into Comics: Strategies to Survive and/or Avoid Working for the Man

What does it take to get started in the comics industry — particularly in light of recent stories about major publishers hostile to women? Join  Mariko Tamaki (writer, This One Summer; The Hulk; Supergirl: Being Super), Natasha Alterici (creator, HEATHEN) and Arielle Jovellanos (artist, Jem and the Holograms), to learn from their firsthand experience working in the topsy-turvy comic industry.

Drawing & Design for Comics

Like all art forms, comics has its own particular elements and techniques that make the medium unique – including timing, pacing, linework and fashion. Nneka Myers (artist, Powerpuff Girls), Carolyn Nowak (artist, Lumberjanes), and Ashley A. Woods (artist, Niobe: She Is Life) will lead an engaging discussion on the skills that are involved in sequential art and visual storytelling.

Flights of Fantasy to Murder Mysteries: A Primer on World Building

Creating entire fictional worlds can be a daunting task. How do you take your idea from a simple spark to a fully realized and believable setting for your comic? Join Natasha Alterici, Megan Rose Gedris (creator, Meaty Yogurt and artist on Food Porn Anthology), and Ashley A. Woods on a journey with lesbian Vikings, circus performers solving a murder mystery, and one intrepid teenage elf.

From Conception to Completion: A DIY Guide to Publishing and Editing Comics

There’s more to creating comics than just writing scripts, laying out panels, coloring and lettering. Learn from experienced professionals (Nicole Marie Burton of Ad Astra Comix, and Jennifer Camper, editor of the influential Juicy Mother anthology of queer comics) about the behind-the-scenes process of reviewing pitches, polishing submitted work, and publishing professional comics.

Hamilton Pamphlets and Juicy Mothers: Organizing Inclusive Anthologies

Collaborative work is an amazing way to amplify the power of individual voices. Learn from Jennifer Camper, Arielle Jovellanos (orchestrator of the Hamilton-themed Ham4Pamphlet), and the Emmy award-winning Megan Rose Gedris, about the challenges and rewards of creating a collaborative and inclusive anthology.

Lumberjanes Coloring Party

What the Joan Jett?! You can come hang out with Lumberjanes artist Carolyn Nowak, design your own scout badges and color your own rad comic pages. Friendship to the Max!

Lumberjanes, Supergirls and Powerpuffs: Working with Licensed Characters

Whether you work for the Big Two or an indie publisher, telling stories with established characters brings its own set of challenges. Nneka Myers, Carolyn Nowak, and Mariko Tamaki discuss strategies for successfully creating within someone else’s world.

Making Diversity Mainstream: Stop Talking, Start Doing

We all love to celebrate diversity in our own communities, but how do we get popular culture to embrace diversity so that it becomes normal for the media we consume to be as diverse as the world we live in? Natasha Alterici, Sarah Kuhn (author, Heroine Complex), and Mariko Tamaki lead this lively discussion.

The Future of Comics is Female!  

Rising stars Arielle Jovellanos & Sarah Kuhn team up for a chat on where the industry is heading amidst the increasing popularity of self-publishing/indie comics, digital comics, collaborative projects, and increasing representation of both characters and creators, both in mainstream comics and the indie world.