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Media Credentials Policy

In order to ensure ComiqueCon attendees and working media have adequate space and accommodations, the festival organizers require media to apply for credentials to attend ComiqueCon. Media credentials will be granted in lieu of ComiqueCon registration only to working media as defined below and will not be granted to applicants who festival organizers determine do not meet the established criteria. ComiqueCon reserves the right to deny or revoke media credentials for any reason. Credential applications are required and evaluated every year. A history of being granted media credentials at ComiqueCon DOES NOT GUARANTEE approval for future festivals and does not waive the credential application and approval requirements.

All working media must apply to receive credentials prior to receiving a complimentary ComiqueCon registration and are responsible for securing their own accommodations while attending ComiqueCon.

Note: ComiqueCon agrees to provide TWO media passes for credentialed media to the event. Additional media passes will be evaluated on a case-by- case basis.

Credential Criteria

To qualify for media credentials to ComiqueCon, applicants must be either a working journalist at a bona fide newsgathering outlet including publicly read newspapers, news services, websites, and radio and television stations, or an entertainment/comics blogger. Applicants must cover the comics/entertainment industry or comics-related issues on a regular basis or be working on special assignment. A working journalist is defined as someone deriving income from journalistic activities either independently or as part of an independent media outlet. Independent media outlets are those independent of special interest groups, trade associations, consumer organizations or government agencies or organizations with a primarily public relations function.


Media credentials for independent bloggers will be evaluated on a case-by- case basis.

Media Access

Media credentials provide complimentary access to keynote addresses, festival forums and sessions and the vendor space/artist alley. Media credentials do not grant access to cover private receptions.

For More Information

Daniel Lai
Media Relations Director

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